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Wot’s Dis? An Update (… about stinkin’ time)

Oh boy, did I ever like epic-FAIL at updating this blog. When I last posted, we were still majorly pandemic’ing (but aren’t we still major pandemic’ing, only with slightly less chance of total and utter disaster?) and Mitch and I were forging our way along the Virtual Tevis trail one agonizingly slow mile at a time.

The good news is we finished it. It was long, it was grueling and it took us almost every single allotted day to do it (even with the  December extension) because I didn’t haul off property again after our 10 mile Hope Ranch ride and as I’ve said before, i can only do the ranch trails so many times before I get bored.  So despite that fact that Virtual Ttevis was offered in 2021 and this year as well, I chose not to spend the money to participate again.

2021 was kind of a nothingburger. Mitch turned 22, I demo’ed and bought a Ghost Quevis treeless saddle and then decided I needed a better treed western so I spent more money on a Big Horn saddle with a Haflinger tree. Mitch and i stayed on property for the entire year, because I had nobody to ride with.  I did face my fears again after what seemed like an eternity and solo drove my friend’s mini/Shetland, but I think my driving days with Mitch are over. That’s ok.  We can trail ride — if we could ever find a riding buddy so we can leave the bloody ranch!  I rode a Fjord for the first time and had fun. My heart will always belong to the Haflinger, but I like my rides like i like my peanut butter … chunky.  And a Fjord is chunky.

So here we are in 2022, and the year is almost over. I’ve gone through and majored cleared out a lot of my tack.  A lot of that is because I’m trying to prepare for the eventual inevitable when Jet passes (who knows when that is, and the less tack I have now, the more tack I can replace when I do get a new horse).  I sold a saddle that didn’t fit Mitch (it sort of fit Jet, but she’s never going to be ridden again so why keep it?) and donated a saddle and tack to the therapeutic riding center for their used tack shop. I’m down to 2 bridles for Mitch, and it looks pretty good.  I do have 4 saddles, but 2 are treeless — including the Ghost Quevis, which has become our favorite saddle once I got it shimmed right and set up all pretty-like with the western skirt and the western fenders. My other treeless is a Barefoot Arizona, and it’s a pretty comfy ride with the hip saver installed. I got a smokin’ deal on it, and was glad to have it.  As it turns out, a friend bought a new horse and I occasionally ride her.  She’s about as wide as Mitch is, and built the same, so treeless is really the thing for her.  Her name is Ruby.  She’s a mini Belgian plus something else (QH? Haflinger?) bred by the Amish.  Mitch loves her. I am hoping we can go riding this coming spring off property, all 4 of us.

             Mitch and Ruby
       Jet today (12/7/22).  Still looking shiny                               and fat for an old gal.

So that’s us … getting ready to end 2022, and move on to 2023 without a lot of fanfare or anything. We’ll see what happens soon enough in life, although I am going to try and make more of an effort to post updates.  Maybe that can be a New Year’s Resolution (and goal)